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Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs...

  1. We believe the Bible is the Inspired Word of God made without fault in its original form.

  2. We believe in One God, creator of all who eternally rules in three persons (The Godhead). The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

  3. We believe in the finished work of the Gospel. Through Jesus Christ’s supernatural birth by the Power of the Holy Spirit, His sinless life, His perfect sacrifice on the cross, His bodily resurrection, and His ascension, all have the opportunity for eternal life as a free gift to be received by faith. 

  4. We believe originally mankind was created by God and for God. Humanity’s choice to disobey (sin against) God meant the penalty of physical death, being spiritually dead/separated eternally from God. Everyone has this fate at first due to having a sinful nature at birth as well as practiced in everyday life.

  5. We believe that God made one way back to restoring this broken relationship. Jesus Christ died in order to pay for the sins of the entire world, and importantly rose from the grave to give everlasting life. All who believe in His finished work and call upon Him to open the door of their hearts to Him have received forgiveness, a new Spirit inside, and a right relationship with God.

  6. We believe the Holy Spirit stays in dwelt with the believer everyday helping and empowering them as they walk in there new life in Christ 

  7. We believe a saved Christian when facing death will wake up in the presence of God while the unbeliever will face separation from God in hell.

  8. We believe one day everyone will bodily resurrect to either face an eternal separation and punishment due to rejection of God’s grace, or eternal life with God where perfect peace and blessedness reside forever for being a recipient of God’s grace.